4 Ways Work Is Bad For Your Health – And What To Do About It

Whether you’re working full time or juggling family commitments with a job, there’s no doubt that Work can be a source of big stress in our lives. But do you ever think about the connection between what you do and your wellness? Work can affect us physically, mentally and emotionally. We need to stay safe at work and protect ourselves against the dangers we don’t always see coming – such as:



Putting in Overtime

Despite that fact that most of us are evaluated on projects we deliver rather than clocking in hours, we still suffer from a culture of presenteeism in the work place. Studies have shown that office workers in the US have less vacation time, retire later and do longer hours than workers in most other developed countries. In the long run, this leads to stress and bad health due to stress. Whether it’s skipping out on meals, not getting enough daylight and exercise or becoming burnt out, put measures in place to protect your health – regular breaks, light exercise and nutritious meals brought in from home.


Working in a high risk job

Some of us work in sectors that are dangerous by nature, so if you work in a high risk environment, make sure that your employer is taking proper safety measures to protect you. Know your rights if anything does go wrong- you may find yourself in need of compensation. Look up the specialist lawyers in your sector – whether that be injuries in the office or a jones act lawyer, just in case you ever need support.


Calm down your commute

A long journey to and from work can be a huge source of stress. From missed trains and buses to endless queues of traffic, if you spend more than half an hour a day travelling to work you’re at more risk of burning out. Think about what you can do to minimise the risk. Could you plot out a different route? If you commute on public transport, could you use the time for something productive, like learning a language through an app or even just getting through those books you’ve always wanted to tackle? If the time doesn’t feel wasted, you’re likely to get less stressed about it all.



Inbox zero your email

Email is supposed to make our lives easier and more convenient- but often times it can feel like its ruling us and dragging our work day further away from our main goals. Tackle this by reading up about the proper usage of emails. If you need something internally, get up from your desk and go to see the person rather than emailing- you’ll make far better connections with co-workers that way plus get an immediate response. Try to deal with emails in chunks rather than responding individually to each incoming message, which fractures your concentration.  And try to file and process messages as you go. Your inbox is literally the ‘in-tray’ of your desk – items shouldn’t stay in there for long! Try to focus on clearing down your inbox to zero at the end of each working day.


Finding a perfect balance isn’t easy, but with a few simple daily practises you can streamline your stresses and stop them from building up.


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