Younger Looking Skin Myths Exposed

It happens to the best of us. Little by little, the face that we’re used to starts to change. Slowly but inexorably the youthful skin we wore throughout our teens and twenties begins to crease, sag and wrinkle. Don’t worry… You’re still beautiful. But it can be jarring when the face in the mirror becomes increasingly incongruous with the face with which we identify. It’s perfectly understandable to feel insecurity when this happens, and the beauty industry (while it tries to present itself as your friend) isn’t helping much either. The industry plays to our insecurities, bombarding us with pseudo science and outright mythologizing to get us to buy their products and feed the multi billion dollar machine out of a mistaken belief that they represent the only path back to youthful looking skin.



It can be difficult to separate the myths from the facts when it comes to harnessing the secrets of younger looking skin. This can lead us to believe that we have limited control over the aging process. While there’s certainly an argument for growing old gracefully every woman and man on this planet has the right to be comfortable in their own skin. There are all kinds of options available to us from simple lifestyle choices to a range of cosmetic procedures (many of which are way less invasive than you’d think). In order for you to pursue a skincare regimen that’s right for your specific needs, the first thing we need to do is bust some persistent myths wide open…


There’s nothing you can do about aging skin

It’s disingenuous to suggest that aging skin is an inevitability that we all must accept. Some will have you believe that it’s a waste of time trying to make your skin look younger… But to those people I say, “if so many people make their skin look older, why can’t we make ours look younger?”. We all know for a fact that excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, sleep deprivation and a poor diet filled with processed foods can age our skin before its time. Your skin is like any other organ; it has the capacity to heal.


You can only moisturize your skin from the outside

Yeah, the beauty industry wishes this were true. While moisturizing your skin from the outside with a reliable moisturizer is important (and even then you don’t need to spend a fortune on expensive products, you can easily make your own moisturizer out of natural ingredients), younger looking skin, like any aspect of good health, comes from within. Drinking lots of water can improve circulation and facilitate nutrition to the skin, helping it to retain its youthful elasticity. Just look at what these ladies accomplished simply by drinking more water.



It’s all about having the right products

If you have a certain product that you swear by, and it brings you happiness… Go ahead and keep buying that product. But don’t let the beauty industry convince you that their products can mitigate the effects of poor lifestyle choices. The right products alone aren’t enough to supercharge your skin. Only by supplementing these products with a healthy diet, regular exercise and plenty of sleep can you truly restore your skin to its youthful glory.


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